General Info on What to Wear


  • Wear clothing that you feel comfortable in and that reflects who you are and what your personality is.
  • Bring multiple outfit options, Select a variety of outfits that you desire.
  • Coordinate your outfit from head to toe.
  • Keep the tonal range of clothing in the same group; don’t mix lights & darks in the same outfit.
  • Select 2-3 complementing solid colors in tones such as greens, blues, purples, burgundies, khakis, black, navy and denim.
  • Avoid large prints, stripes, busy patterns and bright colors – these overwhelm and create distractions in your portrait.
  • A black shirt or top is always a good choice.
  • Bring appropriate shoes, socks and a belt for each outfit.
  • Each person in a family or group portrait should be dressed in a similar color or tonal range.
  • For family or group portraits, coordinating outfits is a good practice. Jeans or khakis and a white or black shirt is always a good choice.
  • Be sure the clothes you select fit properly, especially shirt collars.
  • Short sleeves are OK, but long sleeves are best. Be sure to bring at least 1-2 long sleeve tops.
  • Dark clothes will help to make you look thin.
  • Traditional clothing styles will better stand the test of time.
  • Medium to dark clothes look the best on dark backgrounds.
  • Medium to light colors look the best on lighter colored backgrounds.
  • Earth tones are best for outdoor portraits.
  • Bring all clothes on hangers. Be sure clothes are not wrinkled.
  • If you plan to wear a tie, bring an appropriate blazer or business suit. A shirt and tie with no blazer/suit jacket does not photograph well.
  • For executive portraits, be sure your clothes are appropriate for your type of work and clothes are clean and pressed. Gentlemen may bring multiple ties; ladies may bring multiple accessories – we will help to select the combination that works best.


  • Wear your hair in your normal style.
  • Do not change your hairstyle in the days before your portrait session.
  • If you want to get a haircut, schedule it one week before your portrait session.
  • A fresh shave is important for men. Neatly trim beard or mustache.
  • Bring your hair care/styling products.


  • Minor blemishes and scars will be removed by retouching.
  • Avoid sunburn and tan lines.
  • Women keep make-up simple and natural*.
  • Avoid makeup with sparkles and SPF. You can bring your makeup to the session.
  • Your nails will show in some portraits. Be sure fingernails and toenails are polished and not chipped.

* Professional styling is available for an additional fee. Please contact the studio two weeks prior to your portrait session for more information.


  • Keep jewelry simple and to a minimum.
  • Bring appropriate jewelry for each outfit.


Props are recommended. Bring props that are a part of your life and personality and/or profession. For example:

  • Musical Instrument
  • Leather Jacket
  • Letter Jacket
  • Sports Uniform/Jersey
  • Hats
  • Sports Equipment (basketball, lacrosse stick, bat, football, etc.)
  • Sunglasses
  • Hobby Items
  • Cars/Motorcycles
  • Pets (Pets are welcome, but please call in advance. Bring a leash and toys/treats to keep their attention.)

Shoot Specific Info on What to Wear

Family Portraits

Discuss the family portrait together with the entire group. Your family portrait should convey a sense of your family’s personality. Talk about possible color schemes, settings and poses.

Choose clothes that fit with the setting of the portrait. If you are having your portrait taken by the lake, summer clothing is appropriate.

Coordinate colors. Everyone in the family portrait should wear colors that blend well together. Some families choose to match their colors exactly. While this is not necessary, you do need to ensure that all the clothing colors complement each other.

Coordinate the style of clothing as well. Everyone should be dressed in a similar style, such as formal or casual.
Avoid different shades of the same color. If one person is wearing a bright red shirt, you don’t want another person wearing a light red shirt. It will just look like you attempted to match but didn’t quite succeed. Try not to wear too much white as white reflects light and will usually get washed out in the exposure.

Choose neutral or muted color tones. Bright colors tend to draw the eye away from the subjects.

Avoid stripes, plaids, logos and bold patterns as they will draw attention away from the faces in the photo. Likewise, avoid bright, shiny jewelry and large belt buckles. You want the main focus to be on your family, not your clothes.

Pick clothing that fits nicely. It should be neither too tight nor too loose. The clothes should hang on the bodies well, without folding or creasing.

Consider clothing that covers the knees and elbows. These areas don’t photograph as well as the rest of the body so it may be wise to choose clothing that covers them.

Avoid trendy styles. Basic classics are better clothing choices for your portrait. Trends pass and you want your family portrait to be timeless.


It is best to photograph newborns in the first two weeks after birth. Infant photography sessions usually take longer to accommodate for feedings and changes. Because of this, it is best that you try to have your newborn well rested and fed before the shoot.

Clothing: There is no need to bring a bunch of fancy clothes for your newborn. The skin they are born in is all you need and will provide the best photographs. Mom and/or dad, holding the baby usually works well. It is best if both parents wear long sleeve black shirts for these shots. Skin on skin with mom and dad make beautiful images as well. Simple works best for the newest of babies. Please be sure to bring simple, solid-colored diaper covers for your newborn.

Props: For newborns, props are minimal. Colorful flowers, stuffed animals, rubber ducks, etc. Special toys and blankets make for good props. Please be sure to bring solid colored blankets that will enhance the portrait. For example, if you are announcing a baby girl, a pink blanket would be ideal to have in the image.


Young children tend to do better with outdoor photo shoots. I enjoy capturing children in their natural form; at play or observing nature. Kids tend to be most cooperative when they are in comfortable clothing with minimal clothing changes.

Clothing: Clothing should be chosen based on the style of session you are seeking. Jeans, a bright top and bare feet are perfect for candid and outdoor photo sessions. Also, long sundresses and sandals make great spring/summer shots. Choose fun outfits and accessories (hats, tutu’s, over sized accessories, etc.) Elaborate costumes (FOR KIDS) always create priceless photos. Dresses, slacks and a button down shirt with a sweater or jacket give it a more formal look. Classic clothes like white linen dresses, khakis and polo shirts give the portrait a timeless look. It’s best to avoid plaids, busy patterns or any large logos, as it detracts from the main focal point which is your child. Solid colors are ideal.


What do I wear to a maternity photo shoot? Your own comfort level is the main key in deciding what type of maternity shoot you want to do. Open loose shirts, belly revealing tanks and tops are all appropriate clothing ideas. Some opt to use special garments, such as a sheer material or scarves to drape across the belly. This creates a classic and beautiful portrait for you to memorialize.


Engagement and Couple photo shoot sessions are primarily done on location. Nice parks like Hermann Park (Downtown Area), Williams Water Wall Park (Galleria Area) and other beautiful locations like these typically work best. It is completely up to you, but I always have great locations where in mind. As with Family Photo Shoots, it is best to wear corresponding colors and keep distracting patterns and colors to a minimum. I have found that black or white tops with khaki or jean bottoms work best with these outdoor photo shoots. Feel free to bring multiple outfits as we can do clothing changes throughout the shoot. There is only one important prop for Engagement Photos and that is: The Engagement Ring! Ladies: Remember to wear the ring. I’m sure you will be wearing it anyway. Couples photo shoots do not require any props unless there is something you have in mind.