Prevent Blindness Zoo Walk-47On average, a typical Houston photography session can last anywhere between 1 to 2 hours depending on what the client is looking for. AP3 Photo conducts photography sessions in the comfort of clients homes or on location in the Houston area of your choosing, such as downtown Houston or a park, like Hermann Park or Williams Water Wall Park in the Galleria area. On the day of the photo shoot, it’s all about having lots of fun and cutting loose as we progress towards obtaining the shots of a lifetime. You should definitely be just as excited as I am because we will capture photographs that you and your family will be able to appreciate for a very long time. I thoroughly enjoy the art of photography however, I equally enjoy making others happy by sharing this gift with them as well.


On the day of the shoot I advise that you try to arrive 15 minutes early to the location so we can have a little time to go over the plan for the day again. During this time we’ll briefly discuss such things as accessories, outfits and locations we’ll be shooting at. Remember, at AP3 Photo, we photograph on location anywhere in the surrounding Houston, Tx area at no additional cost. Arriving early also allows me some additional time to set up lighting if conditions don’t allow for us to shoot in natural light. Right before the shoot, I’ll also give you a few pointers to help you warm up to the camera, or if you happened to be a seasoned pro who was born to be in front of a camera lens, I’ll step back and allow you to shine in all your photogenic glory. The best advice that I can ever give to my clients is to just be yourselves and don’t feel obligated to do anything extra. The ultimate goal that I’m working towards is to capture amazing moments & memories that you’ll be able to share with your friends and family for many years and generations to come. Your photo shoot will be an awesome experience which you’ll have tons of fun with. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.


Albert Preston III
AP3 Photo
Houston Photographer

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