Houston PhotographerMy name is Albert Preston III hence the name AP3 but you can call me Albert or Al for short and I am your local Houston Photographer. Photography for me is truly a passion, it’s something I genuinely enjoy doing, but let’s put photography to the side for a moment and let’s talk about personality. First and foremost I am a God fearing Christian man who happens to be a Houston photographer, lol but personality wise, I am a bit of a people pleaser to an extent. When dealing with people, I’ve always had an inner need or want to consider the feelings of others before I speak out, take specific actions or do anything that affects others, and I’ve always tried to make a sincere effort to put myself the shoes of others and pretty much treat people the way I myself would want to be treated and by no stretch have I lived a perfect life, lol but for the most part, I try to do whats right and sometimes will go above and beyond the scope of whats normally required but this all goes back to the fact that I’m a people pleasing type of person and as such, I genuinely gain joy by pleasing others and making people happy. I’m also a very social person, in fact most would say I’m as big a social butterfly as they come. By now you may be wondering why have I taken the time to give this huge long outdrawn explanation on personality and how I treat people, well the answer is simple, these are all qualities that I think every good service oriented entrepreneur let alone a Houston Photographer should possess, aside from actual photography skills which goes without saying, but as a client, if you’re receiving a service from someone, you want that person’s service to reflect that they have a genuine interest in addressing your needs, you want them to show through their actions that whatever is important to you has been considered in every aspect of the service thats being provided to you and I simply cannot stress enough that this does not just pertain to local photographers in Houston or wedding photographers Houston area or model photographers Houston or a humble Houston photographer like myself, but this pertains to ALL photographer or any and every service oriented business that is out there.

A Houston photographer who knows how to have a good time and maintain a high standard of professionalism.

Obviously if you are paying for a service you expect to receive the product or service in which you have paid your hard earned money for however a service like photography often requires the service provider (photographer) to invade the personal space of the client and that’s not an easy thing for everyone to do, especially if their dealing with an extremely quiet, all business no nonsense type of personality. As you’d imagine that can make for a very awkward experience which is why I try to allow my personality to shine through on every job I do as a Houston photographer and this includes, being social, talking to the client, entertaining the client with light-hearted jokes and making general conversation, and all of these things (qualities) are extremely valuable because for one, the client is instantly more comfortable which in turn allows them to be more open and willing try new and different things which usually leads to  beautiful imagery and masterful photography and secondly, this leads to a fun enjoyable experience for the client and everyone knows the old business adage of how horrible experiences leads to clients sharing it with 10 – 20 other individuals where as a great experience may lead to the client sharing with 1-5 people BUT, that shared experience is often a genuine heart-felt commentary of things went and that in itself has value of immense proportions and though I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, these practices DO NOT just apply to a Houston photographer or any photographer for that matter, these practices should apply to any and EVERY service oriented business that exists.

I hope you guys have enjoyed reading this article and have genuinely gained something from it.

Remember, these are all the thoughts, qualities and ideals of AP3 your local Houston photographer.

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